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Table 1

2016 Apr 26-27Digital Economic Forum with Douglas Rushkoff, professor at City Univ. of NY and author of “Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus: How Growth Became the Enemy of Prosperity”Zurich

Date (newest on top) Privacy-related event Venue
2017 Jan 25-27 Computers, Privacy and Data Protection (CPDP) 2017 Brussels
2016Nov 30-Dec 01 European Workshop on Trust & Identity (EWTI) 2016 Vienna, Austria
2016 Oct 20 re:publica to take place per Markus Beckedahl in Heise Dublin, Ireland
2016 Oct 14-17 Freedom not fear Brussels
2016 Oct 05-08 Internet Rules! 17th annual conference of the Association of Internet Researchers, AoIR 2016, Humboldt-Universität Berlin
2016 Sep 22-23 Free and Safe in Cyberspace, 2nd EU Edition 2016, with Bart Preneel, Christopher Soghoian Rome (may be moved to Berlin/Brussels?)
2016 Sep 07-08 Annual Privacy Forum 2016 bringing research and policy together, ENISA Frankfurt / Main
2016 Sep 03-10 Summer School: Good Governance and its Application to Modern Technology Policies Ticino, Switzerland
2016 Sep 02-04 Free Software Foundation Europe Summit  Berlin
2016 Aug 31-Sep 02 MyData 2016 Advancing Human-centric Personal Data featuring MIDATA.COOP  Helsinki
2016Aug 09-14 World Social Forum, with social networking  from everywhere Montreal
2016 Jul 21 Free and Safe in Cyberspace, 1st NorthAm Edition, with David Chaum New York
2016 Jul 19-22 PETS 2016 The 16th Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium Darmstadt, Germany
2016 Jul 10-15 1st Interdisciplinary Summer School on Privacy (ISP 2016) featuring inter alia Helen Nissenbaum Nijmegen, NL
2016 Jul __ 25th anniversary of pretty good privacy (PGP) as being planned here California
2016 Jun 20-Jul 01 Internet Law Summer School Geneva
2016 Jun 16-18 Stuttgart, Germany
2016 Jun 14-17 13th World Congress of Bioethics Edinburgh
2016 Jun 08 Privacy Risk Summit 2016 San Francisco
2016 Jun 07-08 6th International Summit on the Future of Health Privacy featuring prof. Joe Cannataci, United Nations Human Rights Council Special Rapporteur on the Right to Privacy, and Adam Tanner, author of the upcoming Our Bodies, Our Data: How Companies Make Billions Selling Our Medical Records (Beacon Press, Jan. 2017). Washington DC and livestream
2016 Jun 07-08 Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) World Summit “Interoperability in Health IT” held as kick-off to eHealth Week proper from 08-10: Empowering People, Trust & Standards and Innovation Transition Amsterdam, the Netherlands
2016 Jun 07 Trusted Big Data Management in Health Care Amsterdam
2016 Jun 07 Sascha Lobo (in German) Tuebingen, Germany
2016 Jun 06 Juli Zeh (in German) Tuebingen, Germany
2016 Jun 03-05 Arkathon Hacking Health Valais Valais, Switzerland
2016 Jun 01 Transparency Amsterdam
2016May 27-28 Commons technology and the right to a democratic city, D-CENT (Decentralised Citizens ENgagement Technologies), featuring Paul Mason, Julian Assange, and Evgeny Morozov Madrid
2016May 21-22 ID 2020 Design Workshop held by organizers of PGP celebration in July 2016 New York
2016May 20 ID Summit, United Nations (SOLD OUT) New York
2016May 19-21 Citizen Science – Innovation in Open Science, Society and Policy Berlin
2016May 19 Global Privacy Enforcement Priorities Webinar everywhere
Until end of May Multilingual preparation for BEREC’s public consultation on net neutrality in June throughout EU
2016May 18 Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation, to kick off Citizen Science above. Berlin
2016May 11-13 European Union in International Affairs (EUIA) Conference Brussels
2016May 06-07 Annual Conference: Big Data, Health Law, and Bioethics  organized in collaboration with the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University and the Health Ethics and Policy Lab, University of Zurich. Registration closed, but “Video of the full conference will be available.. in a few weeks.” Cambridge, MA
2016May 02-04 Re-publica, with prof. Luciano Floridi speaking live with Edward Snowden Berlin
2016 Apr 30 Linux Presentation Day 2016.1 events such as that in Basel Europe
2016 Apr 29-30 Transparency Brussels
2016 Apr 28 Discover how bright our digital future is, IMinds with Estelle Massé and Bart Preneel inter alia and the Cloudpiercer tool for checking Website security Brussels
2016 Apr 25-26 Genomes, Environment, Traits Boston
2016 Apr 21-22 UNCITRAL Colloquium on Legal Issues Related to Identity Management and Trust Services, presentations in PDF Vienna
2016 Apr 20-21 IAPP Europe Data Protection Intensive London
2016 Apr 14 Preparing for the [New] General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Webinar – The Compliance Countdown everywhere
2016 Apr 14-16 23rd International Conference of Europeanists: Resilient Europe? Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
2016 Apr 07-08 Tagung zur neuen EU- Datenschutzgrundverordnung Speyer, Germany
2016 Apr 06 Town Hall meeting and Q & A Session with The Honorable Suzan G. LeVine, US Ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein. (The late Andy Sundberg initiated such events in the 1970s, as documented in this PDF.) Zurich
2016 Apr 05 Blockchain Workshops  New York
2016 Mar 29 Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) Blockchain Symposium: Cutting Through The Hype and Uncovering the Real Potential; organizer per Wikipedia, conference site, mentioned in NY Times  (booked out) New York
2015 Mar 17 Hacking Health Camp 2016 Strasbourg
2015 Mar 14-18 CeBIT, including MAPPING app competition on 14th Hanover
2016 Mar 11-12 The Logan Symposium: Challenge Power, Building Alliances Against Secrecy, Surveillance and Censorship organized by the Centre for Investigative Journalism (CIJ) Berlin
2016 Mar 10-11 Swiss e-Health Forum (in German, including presentation of Berne
2016 Mar 09 Symposium The Cultures of Privacy and Data Protection in the EU and in the U.S. in English featuring Marc Rotenberg (EPIC / Georgetown University Law Center), Henry Farrell (George Washington University) and William Gilles (Université Paris 1), free admission, but register by March 1st Frankfurt/Main
2016 Feb 29-Mar 03 DiploFoundation and the Geneva Internet Platform  Internet Research Fair Amsterdam
2016 Feb 12-13 Pirate Security Conference. New Horizons in Security Politics Munich
2016 Feb 09 Safer Internet Day, in Berlin, Germany (PDF in German) about Chancen und Risiken bei der Nutzung von Wearables und Gesundheits-Apps, featuring Peter Schaar as speaker (his blog) everywhere
2016 Jan 28 The State of Privacy on Data Privacy Day, in partnership with the Computers, Privacy and Data Protection Conference, the National Cyber Security Alliance Washington DC
2016 Jan 27-29 Computers, Privacy and Data Protection (CPDP) Brussels
2016 Jan 27-28 Geneva Engage, a two-day conference about e-participation. Geneva
2016 Jan 26 “Privacy in EU and US: A debate between Max Schrems and Peter Swire” at Privacy Hub, starting at 18 h (pre-registration is required by 21st Jan.) Brussels
2016 Jan 26 Privacy Camp including a session on Trade agreements and digital rights, featuring Sophie in’t Veld and Max Schrems, 9.00 – 17.30 (pre-registration is required by 21st Jan.) Brussels
2016 Jan 26 EuroDIG Planning Meeting Brussels
2016 Jan 17 Helfer oder Herrscher – Wie soll unsere digitale Zukunft aussehen? Mit Yvonne Hofstetter, Unternehmerin und Buchautorin, und Günther Schuh, Direktor des Fraunhofer-Instituts für Produktionstechnologie München, online und podcast
2016 Jan 13-15 TREsPASS 2016. Winter School on Security in Socio-Technical Systems Copenhagen area, Denmark
2016 Jan 10 Opinion of EDRi on public consultation on transparency of Trilogues in the EU. The consultation itself. Deadline for submitting comments is 31 March 2016. Brussels and elsewhere

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